I recently realized that while I’ve been sharing my travel experiences, I’ve completely forgotten to talk about the reason I’m here: classes! I am currently taking International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy, Peace Security and Stability, Research Methods and Ethics, and French. These classes will end in October and I will have one month without class to write a final research paper.

Our current classes are held at the SIT building in Geneva, but we also have excursions and guest lecturers. Here is a picture form a class trip to Lausanne.

14212082_1442907859069006_32330324793312731_n.jpgAnd another of the whole group at the United Nations.


My favorite class activity has to be our diplomatic simulation.

14317428_1454787797881012_7074812460468150561_n.jpgI represented the World Heritage Commission in a resource dispute between three imagined countries. Luckily, we were able to negotiate a compromise that everyone was happy with!



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