Autumn Celebration in Morges.

IMG_4408.jpgOn Saturday night I experienced the annual scarecrow burning in Morges. When we arrived there was a huge crowd gathered at the Morges castle. Then a scarecrow appeared followed by dancers, live music, and “villagers” holding torches. We then followed the crowd around the city as we stumbled upon more dancers and the scarecrow’s friends. After an hour in the mob we returned to the castle where the scarecrow was burned along with the four other dancing scarecrows pictured here. The result was a raging inferno with live music playing in the background. At the end, the scarecrow’s image was set aflame in the sky to show that his soul escaped. It was the most amazing thing I have witnessed since coming to Switzerland. I asked a local boy why the scarecrow was burned and he informed me that the festival improved the wine harvest. I am still not 100% sure of the correlation.


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