After almost six hours on a train, I arrived in Brussels ready to partake in their famous cuisine. I headed downtown to the famous Chez Lyon to try Moules Frites (Mussels and Fries).IMG_4419.jpgThe mussels were amazing!IMG_4420.jpg

The next day, we had class at the European Commission to discuss the future of the euro zone and the aftermath of Brexit.


That afternoon, I went cite-seeing. Starting with the famous Grand Place. 360 degree views of gorgeous architecture. This picture was taken during the day but it is even more beautiful at night.


Next we checked out the Royal Palace. We even got to go into the remains of the old palace that the current palace is built on top of.

IMG_4560.jpgLast on or list was the famous statue, Manneken Pis.

IMG_4507.jpgBefore we left we had to get a famous Belgian waffles.

IMG_4501.jpgAnd of course, Belgian hot chocolate. It comes in a block on a stick and is then swirled into a cup of hot milk. Delicious!



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