IMG_5838.jpgThis weekend, I went to Amsterdam! It was a whirlwind trip to the land of windmills. We went out into the countryside to see these beautiful old power generators. They used to be used to pump water out of the city and make Amsterdam livable.

IMG_5819.jpgI also found the “diamond” clog. While it’s beautiful I prefer the intricately carved wooden ones.

IMG_5845.jpgI even got to try some on!

IMG_5837.jpgWe followed up the trip with a traditional Dutch lunch.

IMG_5853.jpgThe cafe was called “Moeders” and had pictures of mothers all over the walls. Anyone who eats there can bring in a photo to be hung and they have awesome mother’s day lunches!

IMG_5849.jpgThe next morning we took a cruise down one of the main canals.

IMG_5740.jpgIt was really fund to see the cute old town! We also got to see Anne Frank’s House. I decided not to take any photos inside and immerse myself in the experience, but here is a picture of the outside.

IMG_5856.jpgWe stood in line for two hours but it was worth it! Then we went to Amsterdam’s Ice Bar to finish the trip.

IMG_5780.jpgThe entire bar is completely made of glass and is themed as an old Dutch merchant ship.

IMG_5786.jpgOverall it was a great weekend. I hope to come back in the spring to see the Tulips in full bloom.


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