IMG_6009.jpgI spent this weekend in Venice, Italy! It was beautiful. We got to wander through the streets and walk along the canals.

IMG_5963.jpgWe even got serenaded by a gondolier while we ate home made pasta on the riverbank.

IMG_6059.jpgMy favorite part were the beautiful masks for Carnival.

IMG_6045.jpgWe also saw a cute bookstores where the books floated on gondolas so that when the shop flooded they wouldn’t be damaged. There was also a cool staircase of old books but it kind of hurt to see books being treated so harshly!

IMG_5988.jpgThe next day I went to the island of Burano which is famous for glass blowing. IMG_5995.jpgThey had awesome statures around the town! Then we went to Burano which was famous for lace making. The weekend was great except for the flight back. We ended up being in stuck in Venice because the flight was canceled. Luckily the airline put us up in a hotel!



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